Revealing Layers exhibition

Each family has left their mark on Bankfoot House - most notably the colour they chose to paint the property

Revealing Layers exhibition

Extensions, renovations and demolitions – Bankfoot House has seen them all and somewhat more than most heritage buildings.

Over more than a century and a half, each family has left their mark on the house. Most notably, the colour they chose to paint the property. From the raw and oiled timber of the Grigor’s, to the first external paint by the Burgess’, to the colourful choices of the Ferris’ – all are still present throughout the house today.

In 2021, with over a decade of continued exposure to the elements, Bankfoot House was in need of a fresh coat of paint. Under the advice of a Heritage Architect, and through analysis of historic and physical evidence, a colour scheme that was sympathetic to the heritage of the property was implemented.

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