Places or buildings of cultural heritage significance

Clearing the scrub for the future railway line known as the North Coast Line, ca 1890. Image credit: Picture Sunshine Coast.

Queensland Historical Atlas

A collection of work has been published on the Queensland Historical Atlas to display hundreds of maps from Queensland and Australia’s history. These resources anchor the stories, and examine the importance of spatial resources in the Queensland landscape.

This website utilises technology which facilitates the intimate and convenient viewing of maps under the microscope to reveal new details.

The Atlas features hundreds of maps and images. It provides a refreshed insight into the central importance of the Queensland landscape in the State’s history.

Queensland Places

To browse towns and suburbs on the Sunshine Coast, go to the Queensland Places and search or browse for the location.

Historical Cadastral Map Series

Collection of digitised maps over Queensland at various scales 1841–2005, including cadastral maps which show property boundaries, property descriptions and land tenure, and some other related miscellaneous maps. Some are annotated and quality of scans varies. The majority of map series include key maps.