Conservation and collection care

Information about preserving, repairing and storing photographs, books and other material

Conservation and collection care

Advice and information that can help with the preservation of private and public collections.

See the range of practices and techniques:

State Library of Queensland

The State Library provides information on preserving and storing your precious items including paper-based and digital collections. Find out how to salvage water-damaged items and how to plan for prevention before disaster strikes.

Visual Glossary AICCM (Australian Institute for  the Conservation of Cultural Material)

Whether you have ceramic objects that show crazing, corrosion or discolouration, this glossary of technical terms outlines the causes and resulting effects of environmental conditions.

Collection Care AICCM (Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material)

Collection care refers to the methods of storage, display and approaches to preserving significant items. Read the Heritage Collection Council’s guidelines which you develop environmental strategies for the preservation of cultural objects whether in storage or on display.

Collections Care Manual Western Australia Museum

If you run a small museum or are a private collectors, this series of resources provides vacuuming items, box making, handling and pest management.

Personal Digital Archive Toolkit

More and more information and important material is being kept in digital form only. Advice and information about preserving and storing valuable digital material is available from National and State Libraries International.