SS Dicky Exhibition

Learn the story of this local landmark. Image courtesy Nadine Katic, 2016

SS Dicky Exhibition

The Screw Steamer Dicky was an iron-hulled steamship, launched in Germany in 1883. The ship carried general cargo including timber, coal, passengers, horses, dynamite, pearl shell, mail, equipment, tallow and hides between ports in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

On 4 February 1893, the SS Dicky was deliberately driven ashore at Caloundra during heavy seas, ironically to prevent being wrecked on the rocks at Moffat Beach. Four attempts were made to refloat the vessel, but on each occasion it ran aground and was eventually abandoned.

The shipwreck has long been an attraction for holiday-makers, swimmers, surfers, and photographers, as well as a significant heritage icon. Parts of the main portion of the keel and hull remain buried at the beach.

More information including 3D videos of the SS Dicky reconstructed, 3D images of excavated wreck pieces and community photos.

View the film Time and Tide – The SS Dicky story

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