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Jim Hall Exhibition

Jim Hall's whittling collection donated to Peachester History Committee

Jim Hall Exhibition

James A (Jim) Hall was born in Woodford in 1920. Earlier in Jim's life his father was a farmer in the Woodford district later moving to Beerwah. Jim started whittling at the age of 9. His mother Mary did not mind the chips of wood on the family floor and encouraged Jim with his craft. One of seven children, Jim attended Woodford State School later Nambour Rural School. The family moved to Beerwah when Jim was a young man.

At the age of 80 Jim estimated he had spent 26,000 hours spread over 70 years making the whittling pieces for his display. Every piece of whittling undertaken was from a single solid piece of wood, a fact which made his display quite unique. Now deceased Jim Hall's whittling collection has been donated to Peachester History Committee.

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