Bullocky Bill (Years 3 to 4)

Focuses on the life of William Smith Burgess and his role at Bankfoot House

Bullocky Bill is a unique learning experience delivered on site at the state heritage-listed Bankfoot House Heritage Precinct.

Developed by teachers and the Sunshine Coast Council’s Cultural Heritage Services team, the Bullocky Bill education program focuses on the life of William Smith Burgess and his role at Bankfoot House. The BHHP Education Program is aligned to the HASS Australian Curriculum achievement standards for each year level, with learning outcomes and relevant content descriptors identified for each activity.

Hands-on activities will allow students to develop skills and engage with local history, learning about William, his daily work including farming and logging, and his impact on the local community.

Program structure

The Bullocky Bill program is presented on site at Bankfoot House Heritage Precinct inside the Mary Grigor Centre, Bankfoot House, The Shed, The Wagon, and the grounds of the property.

Students will be guided around the property as they participate in select activities on a full-day visit to Bankfoot House Heritage Precinct.

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