The Heritage Levy Program for 2023 – 2024

The Heritage Levy Program for 2023 to 2024

The Heritage Levy Program for 2023 – 2024
Mary Grigor Centre. Bankfoot House Heritage Precinct.

Council demonstrates its commitment to supporting arts and cultural heritage outcomes through the collection of the Levy, recognising the important role that both sectors and industries play in shaping and influencing our sense of community, belonging, cultural vitality and identity in a time of unprecedented growth and change.

Revenue collected from the Levy is allocated towards the Heritage & Art Levy Programs developed in alignment with their relevant strategies and priorities.

The revenue collected for the Heritage Levy Program budget is aligned to and allocated across the Themes of the Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2021 - 2031.

Theme 1 - Knowledge

Research ProjectsCommission experts to undertake research projects to address known gaps in the story of the Sunshine Coast. $20,000
Regional Digitisation ProgramPartnership project with museums, historical societies and Heritage Library to identify and digitise key heritage assets. $45,000
Arts and Heritage DatabaseContinued development of an arts and heritage database as a regional management tool and portal for digital access. $42,500
Heritage Trees RegisterDevelop a register of heritage trees within the SCC LGA.$10,000

Theme Total Expenditure             $117,500


Theme 2 – Conservation

Heritage Advisory ServicesProvide access to expert advice to assist in the practical conservation of heritage assets. $20,000
Heritage IncentivesSupport an incentive scheme and program for the community.$25,000
Heritage Collection Implementation of conservation priority recommendations for council's heritage collections.  $35,000
Facility Management 
(Bankfoot House)
Bankfoot House Heritage Precinct Operational and programming costs.$60,000
Facility Management 
(Landsborough Museum)
Landsborough Museum Operational and programming costs$70,000

Theme Total Expenditure                 $210,000

Theme  3 – Support

Heritage Network and Community Development ProgramProfessional business and skills development and networking opportunities supporting regional heritage sector. Community education programs in heritage and conservation. $50,000
Grant Program: Cultural Support ProgramsCultural heritage projects developed in collaboration with Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and DASSI peoples.$25,000
Grant program: Events and Exhibitions programGrants for community heritage organisations, focussing on public programs, events, and exhibitions. $30,000
Grant program: Collections Support programGrants for community heritage organisations, supporting conservation treatments and improvements to storage. $30,000
Grant program: Community Partnership Funding ProgramSupport for core operational expenses for community heritage organisations.$100,000
Signature Heritage ProgramsContinue to support heritage related events, activities and programs to maximise community participation and involvement.$36,000
Open House ProgramSignature cultural tourism program aiming to engage communities in exploring the significant contemporary and heritage places of the Sunshine Coast.$20,000

Theme Total Expenditure                $291,000

Theme 4 – Communication

Heritage MarketingDevelop internal and external marketing strategies to guide the promotion of the region's heritage, and raise appreciation and awareness within council and the general community.$57,500
Cultural TourismSupport cultural heritage tourism opportunities and First Nations programs.$50,000
Cultural Heritage AwardFormal partnership with USC to facilitate heritage education.$2,000
Youth EducationProviding a (paid) entry-level opportunity for young people, through an engaging experience within the heritage industry. $25,000
Interpretive ProjectsUndertake engaging educational and interpretive works that support the understanding and visitor experience of our heritage, in association with community partners.  $50,000
Interpretive TrailsInterpretive trails, interpretive signage, and digital projects in association with internal partners. $60,000

Theme Total Expenditure              $244,500

Theme 5 – Advocacy / Levy Management

Heritage Futures FundAccumulative allocation to fund the delivery of heritage infrastructure projects as identified in Heritage Plan 2021-2031, Interpretive Space and Collection Store Feasibility Report, and the Regional Arts Infrastructure Framework.$707,521
Built Heritage Conservation FundSupport for council owned, community leased, local or state heritage listed places.$85,760
Levy Administration Costs

Costs associated with resourcing Levy delivery requirements. 

Council Resolution (SM11/35); (OM21/113)


Theme Total Expenditure             $1,281,002

Total Expenditure   $2,144,002