The Arts Levy Program for 2023 – 2024

The Arts Levy Program for 2023 to 2024

The Arts Levy Program for 2023 – 2024

Council demonstrates its commitment to supporting arts and cultural heritage outcomes through the collection of the Levy, recognising the important role that both sectors and industries play in shaping and influencing our sense of community, belonging, cultural vitality and identity in a time of unprecedented growth and change. 

Revenue collected from the Levy is allocated towards the Heritage & Art Levy Programs developed in alignment with their relevant strategies and priorities. 

The revenue collected for the Arts levy budget is assigned by aiming to achieve the goals of the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2023 – 2038 (SCCAP).

SCCAP Goal AlignmentProgramDescription            Budget  
1,2,5Creative Business Development    Sector-led incubator program to transform creative ideas into sustainable businesses (The Refinery).$55,000
1,2,3,5First Nations arts  As determined by the Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board’s First Nations Sub-Committee and Horizon First Nations Advisory Group.$100,000
1,2,3,5ArtsCoast  Strategic marketing to build engagement, promote local artists and develop the creative reputation of the Sunshine Coast.   $80,000 
1,2,5Creative Industries Investment Program  To support sector-led regional projects and events. Delivered as part of the Regional Arts Development Fund program. $135,000 
1,2,3,4,5Spaces for Creatives   Advocate and facilitate access for local artists to affordable spaces for making, exhibiting and performing.$65,000
2,3,4,5Philanthropy   Development of regional philanthropic outcomes for the arts sector.$70,000
1,2,3,5Homegrown  Local artist commissioning series to create and present local content.  $60,000
4,5Regional Public Art Strategy A five-year strategy to guide the development, planning, maintenance and promotion of public art within the Sunshine Coast.$47,572

Total Expenditure   $612,572