Annual report

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Annual report
Installation view of 'Sugar Ghosts x Inmates' by Aunty Hope O'Chin and Perrin Ellis at IN ARI featuring Ruby Donohoe, August 2023. Photo by Warwick Gow.

Outcomes of activities undertaken through the Arts and Heritage Levy are reported to council on an annual basis. As outlined in the Arts and Heritage Levy Annual Report 2022/2023, the Arts and Heritage Levy enabled Council to deliver a suite of programs to achieve the outcomes articulated in the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018-2038 and the Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2021-2031. 

The 2022/2023 Arts Program, with a contribution of $455,862 from the Arts and Heritage Levy, provided:

  • $55,000 to achieve creative business development outcomes
  • $33,424 to develop First Nations creative arts programs
  • $83,629 to attract creative businesses to base themselves in the region
  • $93,776 to support a competitive Creative Industries Investment Program for local artist initiatives
  • $32,500 to deliver artist-in-residence programs for local artists
  • $70,000 to support the development of a culture of arts philanthropy in the region
  • $56,501 to undertake audience development planning

The 2022/2023 Heritage Program, with a contribution of $2,019,833 from the Arts and Heritage Levy ($1,972,967, plus donations and restricted cash), provided:

  • $20,000 for the Historian in Residence program, with two research topics: Farming practices in the region; and the impact of World War II
  • $201,681 invested in the conservation of the region’s heritage assets including State heritage-listed Landsborough Shire Council Chambers (Landsborough Museum), with its collection of over 14,000 objects; and State heritage-listed Bankfoot House, with its nationally significant collection
  • $233,096 for research into regional stories, digitisation of significant regional collections, and engaging our community with heritage through digital stories, heritage trails, and online content
  • $165,301, provided through grants programs, to support community museums, historical societies, and First Nations groups, including support for cultural heritage projects developed in collaboration with Kabi Kabi Peoples, Jinibara Peoples and Descendants of Australian South Sea Islander peoples
  • $161,064 to complete the Feasibility Assessment for the Regional Collection Store Project
  • $106,614 to support the region’s community museums and historical societies through practical workshops, professional development, community programs, collaborative marketing and events
  • $98,941 to support regional heritage programs and events, including the annual Heritage Festival celebrations, Sunshine Coast Open House and the Horizon Festival program at Bankfoot House.

The Arts and Heritage Levy significantly enhances Council’s ability to support arts and cultural heritage outcomes in the community, through mentoring and development initiatives, programs, events, and targeted projects. Council recognises the important role that both sectors and industries play in shaping and influencing our sense of community, belonging, cultural vitality and identity in a time of unprecedented growth and change. 

View the Arts and Heritage Levy Annual Report 2022-2023 for more detail.

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