Come along on a virtual tour and contemplate what life was like for people on the Sunshine Coast 150 years ago.

Bankfoot House, managed by Sunshine Coast Council, is a state heritage listed property and the oldest surviving residence in the Glass House Mountains. 

William and Mary Grigor established the house in 1868. Cobb & Co coaches, travelling between Brisbane and the Gympie goldfields, used the property as a lunch stop and staging post and the house was named after Mary’s village in Scotland. 

The property remained with the same family across three generations. The Grigor, Burgess and Ferris families occupied the house for over 130 years. The last resident of Bankfoot House, Jack Ferris, died in 2002 at the age of 101. 

The Caloundra City Council (as it was then known) purchased the house and contents from the Ferris family in 2004 with a commitment to establishing the property as a House Museum. 

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Inside Bankfoot House - Introduction
[49 seconds]

Bankfoot House Kitchen

Inside Bankfoot House - The Kitchen
[1 minute 21 seconds]

Cobb & Co stories

Inside Bankfoot House - The Rear Verandah
[1 minute 17 seconds]

Business and Bills

Inside Bankfoot House - The Bill Spike
[3 minute 9 seconds]

Bankfoot House Parlour

Inside Bankfoot house - The Parlour
[1 minute 20 seconds]

Bankfoot House Laundry

Inside Bankfoot house - The Laundry
[56 seconds]

Bankfoot House Dairy

Inside Bankfoot house - The Dairy
[58 seconds]

Bankfoot House Shed

Inside Bankfoot house - The Shed
[1 minute 3 seconds]

Bankfoot House Grounds

Inside Bankfoot house - The Grounds
[1 minute 52 seconds]

Bankfoot House Bullock Display

Inside Bankfoot house - Bullock Display
[1 minute 37 seconds]

Bankfoot House Archaeology Display

Inside Bankfoot house - Archaeology Display
[1 minute 3 seconds]

Bankfoot House Dining Room

Inside Bankfoot house - The Dining Room
[55 seconds]


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