The Arts Levy Program for 2022 – 2023

The Arts Levy Program for 2022 to 2023

The Arts Levy Program for 2022 – 2023

Council demonstrates its commitment to supporting arts and cultural heritage outcomes through the collection of the Levy, recognising the important role that both sectors and industries play in shaping and influencing our sense of community, belonging, cultural vitality and identity in a time of unprecedented growth and change. 

Revenue collected from the Levy is allocated towards the Heritage & Art Levy Programs developed in alignment with their relevant strategies and priorities. 

The revenue collected for the Arts levy budget is assigned by aiming to achieve 4 goals:

Goal 1 - Local artists and artistic content is developed and celebrated

1.4; 2.3Creative Business Development

1. Incubator program to transform creative ideas into sustainable businesses (The Refinery).

2. Program to develop the export capability and markets for local artists and makers. 

1.4Collection acquisitionAcquire new works featuring local artists, including First Nations, for the Sunshine Coast Regional art collection.$0 
1.5; 4.4First Nations artsSupport the establishment of a First Nations arts advisory sub-committee to the SC Arts Advisory Board.$33,362 

Goal Total Expenditure            $88,362      


Goal 2 – Arts audiences and creative opportunities flourish through investment and development

2.1; 4.2Diverse arts programming and activationSupport and deliver a diverse and accessible program of arts experiences that builds audiences (local and out of region) and increases participation in the arts.$0
1.3; 2.1Incentives ProgramAttract established arts organisations and initiatives of national significance to base themselves in the region to provide employment pathways and development opportunities for local artists and arts workers.$100,000
2.2Competitive Investment ProgramDevelop strategic partnerships (multi-year and aligned to SC Arts Plan deliverables) with established, significant regional / peak arts organisations, programs, events and initiatives. $95,000 

Goal Total Expenditure                $195,000  

Goal  3 – A dedicated network of places and spaces for artists to connect, create and collaborate

3.3Creative Spaces Advocate and facilitate access to affordable spaces for making, exhibiting and performing.$32,500

Goal Total Expenditure                 $32,500

Goal 4 – Art and creativity is embedded in the identity and experience of the Sunshine Coast

4.5PhilanthropyDevelopment of regional philanthropic outcomes. $70,000
4.6Audience and Participation DevelopmentPrepare an audience development and participation strategy to identify a series of actions that will grow local participation and regional arts audiences. $70,000

Goal Total Expenditure                  $140,000

Total Expenditure   $455,862                                                                                                                                                   

Sunshine Coast Council acknowledges the Sunshine Coast Country, home of the Kabi Kabi peoples and the Jinibara peoples, the Traditional Custodians, whose lands and waters we all now share.
We commit to working in partnership with the Traditional Custodians and the broader First Nations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) community to support self-determination through economic and community development.
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