Dr Ray Kerkhove

First Nations place names and meaning on the Sunshine Coast, and First Nations peoples connection with Bankfoot House.

Historian in Residence 2022

Topic: Definitive Referenced Map of First Nations place names and pathways of the Sunshine Coast, including likely translation and their deeper significance.

Dr Ray Kerkhove researched Sunshine Coast First Nations place names and their meaning to produce a map and list, that reflect historical records and archival sources.

Note: the map will be continuously updated based on further consultation with Kabi Kabi and Jinibara traditional custodians. There are variations to the English spelling as words are based on spoken language.

Topic: Contacts and Context: First Nations peoples and Early Settlers Around Bankfoot House and the Glasshouse Mountains Region.

In this research, Dr Kerkhove explored the connection between the family of Bankfoot House and First Nations peoples.

Read the outcome of Dr Kerkove’s Historian in Residence research on Bankfoot History[1480KB].

Hear stories by Kabi Kabi and Jinibara Traditional Custodians.


Dr Ray Kerkhove

Dr Ray Kerkhove