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    Backward Glance - Bill Robinson, a snapshot
    • Wednesday 06 March 2019
    Unusually, Bill Robinson started his photography career by telling the story of how he found his love for photography.
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    Backward Glance - What was that building used for?
    • Wednesday 27 February 2019
    How many times has your attention been drawn to an old building and you’ve wondered what it was used for?
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    Backward Glance – Satin and lace and all things Deb
    • Wednesday 20 February 2019
    Following on from our reminiscences of old community halls last week, it seems fitting that we now turn our attention to the grand tradition of the Debutante Ball.
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    Backward Glance – Old country hall rafters rang with the sound of music and laughter
    • Wednesday 13 February 2019
    Today we turn back the clock to focus on the old country halls which came alive to the sound of music on Friday or Saturday nights here on the Sunshine Coast.
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    Backward Glance – QCWA, much more than tea and scones
    • Wednesday 06 February 2019
    The Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) has been a prominent fixture in country towns, large and small, since 1922.
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    Backward Glance - Back to school
    • Wednesday 30 January 2019
    As Sunshine Coast children head back to school this week, on their bikes, scooters, skateboards, in a bus or a car, it is interesting to wind back the clock to the early 1900s.
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    Backward Glance - The Churinga Tree Walk Committee and Churinga Park
    • Wednesday 23 January 2019
    You might ask, what and who were the Churinga Tree Walk Committee?
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    Backward Glance: Tennis days, dancing nights
    • Wednesday 16 January 2019
    During this summer of tennis, it’s a great time to reflect on important pioneering tennis enthusiasts who contributed to the social and cultural landscape of our healthy, smart, creative region.
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    Backward Glance – Timber getters and sawmills
    • Wednesday 09 January 2019
    Timber getters and their bullock teams are long gone, however they played a major role in the development of early Near North Coast settlements.
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    Backward Glance: Happy summer holidays (part 2)
    • Wednesday 02 January 2019
    Check out the history of some of our most popular beaches and surf lifesaving clubs in this special summer holidays look at our region's past.