Arts and Heritage Levy

Sunshine Coast residents pay an Arts and Heritage Levy of $16.00 per annum.  The levy is charged per household and is included in the rates payment. 

The Heritage Levy, at $13 per household:

  • Aims to document, research, conserve, protect, promote and provide access to those tangible and intangible items, places, facilities and events that define the stories, history and values of the people, communities and culture of the Sunshine Coast.
  • Will be used to achieve the five key heritage outcome areas and goals, as identified in the Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2021-2031. 

The Arts Levy, at $3 per household:

  • Aims to develop local artists and local content, grow local participation and audiences, and embed art and creativity into the identity and experience of the Sunshine Coast. 
  • Will be used to achieve the four key arts goals, specifically those goals related to programming and development, within the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018-2038.