Heritage lists

Heritage listed properties on the Sunshine Coast

Heritage lists

Sunshine Coast local heritage listed properties

The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 outlines properties and character areas that are recommended for preservation. The scheme works by flagging the significance of a property or location when development is sought.

Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014

The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 refers to cultural heritage in Schedule 6.

Sunshine Coast state heritage listed properties

Places or buildings of cultural heritage significance on the Sunshine Coast can also be state heritage listed. The Queensland Heritage Register was developed under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. Once a place is entered in the register, the Queensland Heritage Council must assess any changes to be made to the place. Overall, the register protects significant cultural heritage places so that they are preserved for future generations.

To find heritage listed places on the Sunshine Coast, go to the Queensland Heritage Register and at LGA name, select Sunshine Coast.