SS Dicky Restoration Project

Restoration of S.S. Dicky artefacts

SS Dicky Restoration Project

Some pieces of the historic S.S. Dicky wreck were restored in 2022 for display at Dicky Beach and Landsborough Museum.

Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material accredited conservator Karina Acton, council cultural heritage officer Angela Marczi, and council boilermaker Glenn Pattie worked to stabilise some of the pieces.

“Some of the artefacts we are restoring from the ship include parts of the frame and hull still showing rivets, and even a small piece of timber which I think the community will really love to see up close,” Ms Marczi said.

“The preparation process includes soaking the items in either a water and bi-carb mix, or water and citric acid solution to remove the salt and rust and inhibit corrosion.

“On some of the pieces we then remove the barnacles and rust using either a chisel, chipping hammer or blow-torch. The objects are then treated with either fish oil or a wax which helps them withstand the outdoor elements.

“Once we undertake this preservation process, you can really see the difference!

“I like to think I’m playing a small part in preserving an iconic piece of our history and once on display, who knows, we might even inspire the next generation of sailors or archaeologists.”

Council developed a plan for the area, working hand-in-hand with our community following the partial removal of the historic S.S Dicky wreck from the beach in 2015.

The upgrade is a welcome addition to the Dicky Beach Coastal Pathway upgrade which was completed in 2022.

The S.S. Dicky restoration project is supported by council’s Cultural Heritage Levy. The Heritage Levy is charged to every rateable property, and used to document, research, conserve, protect, promote and provide access to those tangible and intangible items, places, facilities and events that define the stories, history and values of the people, communities and culture of the Sunshine Coast.

Video: Watch how the S.S. Dicky pieces are being restored by the heritage team.