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Surfing Queensland Unveils New Competition: Cooee Grommet Pro

Cooee Grommet Pro, set to take place on the Sunshine Coast

Surfing Queensland Unveils New Competition: Cooee Grommet Pro
Surfing Queensland

Surfing Queensland has announced the launch of a brand-new competition, the Cooee Grommet Pro, set to take place on the Sunshine Coast, 11 - 13 December 2023. This unique event stands out as one of the few in Australia that caters to 'micro groms,' with age groups catering for the Under 8 Mixed divisions, all the way up to the experienced Under 16 junior surfers.

Cooee Toys and Games is Australia’s latest lifestyle brand launching this summer and has partnered with Surfing Queensland to present the Cooee Grommet Pro for the next three years. Queensland's top ranked Under 16 junior surfer, Hunter Andersson, fronts the Cooee campaign to launch the products which are expected to hit shelves Australia-wide in the coming weeks. 

 Registrations for the Cooee Grommet Pro is now open

As one of the final grom competitions on the 2023 national calendar, the Cooee Grommet Pro promises to draw an array of Australian soon-to-be-surfing-stars. The 5,500 ranked competition will not only provide a platform for young surfers to showcase their skills but secure points on the National Junior Rankings to conclude their 2023 campaign. 

Economy Portfolio Councillor Jason O’Pray said, the event was one of many Surfing Queensland events supported by Sunshine Coast Council through our Major Events Sponsorship Program.

“It is great to be able to host water-based sports events on the Sunshine Coast that provide pathways for young talent to learn, grown and shine,” Cr O’Pray said.

Owner and Managing Director of Cooee Toys and Games, Neil Jensen, said he was thrilled to
announce Cooee’s partnership with Surfing Queensland.

“Both brands support a healthy culture and embrace our iconic outdoor lifestyle,” said Mr Jensen.

“We also share a collective investment in our local communities. At Cooee, we are passionate about engaging young people in grassroots sports and activities. Our values are perfectly aligned with Surfing Queensland and we look forward to sponsoring the upcoming Cooee Grommet Pro.”

Surfing Queensland Chief Executive Officer, Adam Yates, said it's the perfect alignment and is looking forward to delivering the inaugural Cooee Grommet Pro on the Sunshine Coast.  

"The Cooee Grommet Pro will not only provide points toward the surfer's overall national rankings, but valuable experience toward their development in becoming professional surfers in a fun environment," said Yates. "Junior and Grom events are in high demand, so we're glad this event can cater to the micro-grommets who are eager for more competition, all the way through to the under 16 junior surfers. The Cooee Grommet Pro will provide their final opportunity for 2023 to secure points toward their overall national ranking. We're looking forward to a fun few days on the Sunshine Coast to conclude another fantastic year for Surfing Queensland."

In addition to the surf competition, the Cooee Grommet Pro will feature a range of beach activities, games, and product giveaways to keep competitors and spectators entertained throughout the event. All competitors can expect to walk away with product in hand, just in time for the summer holidays. 

As an added bonus, all division winners will win two sessions to URBN Surf wave pool in Melbourne. 

The Cooee Grommet Pro will replace the Rip Curl GromSearch which was scheduled to run on the Sunshine Coast, 11 - 14 December 2023. 

Surfing Queensland encourages all grommets and parents to mark their calendars for this exciting event. 

For more information, including event registration details, event updates, and opportunities, please visit the Surfing Queensland website

Register now for the Cooee Grommet Pro

Registrations are now open for the Cooee Grommet Pro, set to take place on the Sunshine Coast, 11 - 13 December 2023

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