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How to use Bokashi Bins

Learn how to compost your organic waste to produce a Bokashi juice full of nutrients and alive with micro-organisms.

How to use Bokashi Bins

How the Bokashi system works 

Put simply, food waste is layered with a sprinkling of Bokashi One Mix, in a Bokashi One Bucket. Due to the air-tight bucket and the micro-organisms present in the Bokashi One Mix, the waste ferments*
To complete the composting process the waste is transferred outside and buried beneath the soil. 

*the waste does not breakdown at this stage - the micro-organisms in the mix ensure the waste does not putrefy. 

With oxygen, the micro-organisms accelerate the breakdown of the waste, supplying soil with nutrients and life. 

During the fermentation process inside the bucket, the waste reduces in volume due to the water content of the waste draining to the base of the bucket where it can be tapped out. 

This wonderful Bokashi juice is full of nutrients and is alive with micro-organisms it can be used in the garden and around the home.

The Bokashi One system significantly accelerates the composting process.