Tanderra House
Heritage listed properties

Sunshine Coast heritage listed properties

Proposed changes to local heritage places and character areas

Council is proposing an amendment to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 and Planning Scheme Policies, relating to Historic Cultural Heritage (including local heritage places and character areas). Visit Council’s Have Your Say Historic Cultural Heritage page for more information.

Heritage listed properties on the Sunshine Coast are included in the planning Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014: SC6.10 Planning Scheme policy for heritage and character areas overlay code with Appendix SC6.10A (local heritage places list)[1540KB] 

Queensland Heritage Register

The Queensland Heritage Register is a list of places or buildings of cultural heritage significance in Queensland. Developed under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, the Register recognises the value of Queensland's cultural heritage. It gives community recognition to the value and importance of significant cultural heritage places.

Once a place is entered in the register, the Queensland Heritage Council must assess any changes to be made to the place. Overall, the register protects significant cultural heritage places, so that they are conserved for future generations

To find heritage listed places on the Sunshine Coast, go to the Queensland Heritage Register and at LGA name, select Sunshine Coast Regional Council.