Krauss Picnic Party Leaving Buderim
Buderim - Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc

The Buderim - Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc was established in 2003 to preserve and promote the history of the Buderim Tramway and the part it played in Buderim’s history. 

The Buderim to Palmwoods tramway was a narrow gauge (2ft 6in) railway built to service the needs of the farmers and residents of Buderim and district.

It enabled farm produce, fruit, and timber to access Brisbane via the main-line at Palmwoods. The first tram ran in 1914 and the last in 1935. A portion of the original railway remains, running adjacent to Mons Road. The track has examples of the cut-and-fill process to create a gentle gradient for the train through the steep terrain. There are remnants of the original sleepers, and some rock faces show remains of the drill holes used to dynamite the rocks.

Meetings held in Vise Cottage (next to Pioneer Cottage), second Wednesday of the month (excluding December) from 9am.

Buderim Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc
(07) 5476 9509

Tramway Walk
4A Telco Road, Buderim

The Palmwoods to Buderim Tramway Track Foundation and Formwork Remnants was placed on the State Heritage Register on 28 July 2000.