Queen's Jubilee Exhibition

The Platinum Jubilee celebrates the 70th anniversary of the ascendence of Queen Elizabeth II to the British throne. Her Majesty The Queen is the longest reigning Monarch in British history.

With the tragic passing of her father, King George VI, on 6 February 1952 Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne becoming the Queen. It is a day that the Queen still remembers as much for the death of her father as for the start of her reign.

Following more than a year of mourning and preparations, Her Majesty The Queen was coronated on the 2 June 1953. Dignitaries from around the world were invited to attend the ceremony, with Sir Frank Nicklin being among those from Australia. Millions more were able to view the coronation on television. With Queen Elizabeth II being the first and only coronation completely televised.

In 1954 the Queen became the first reigning Monarch to visit Australia. During the 58-day tour, the royals visited 57 towns and cities between Cairns and Hobart. At the time this was the single biggest event that had been planned in Australia.