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    Backward Glance - The Churinga Tree Walk Committee and Churinga Park
    • Wednesday 23 January 2019
    You might ask, what and who were the Churinga Tree Walk Committee?
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    Backward Glance: Tennis days, dancing nights
    • Wednesday 16 January 2019
    During this summer of tennis, it’s a great time to reflect on important pioneering tennis enthusiasts who contributed to the social and cultural landscape of our healthy, smart, creative region.
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    Backward Glance – Timber getters and sawmills
    • Wednesday 09 January 2019
    Timber getters and their bullock teams are long gone, however they played a major role in the development of early Near North Coast settlements.
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    Backward Glance: Happy summer holidays (part 2)
    • Wednesday 02 January 2019
    Check out the history of some of our most popular beaches and surf lifesaving clubs in this special summer holidays look at our region's past.
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    Backward Glance: Happy Summer Holidays
    • Thursday 27 December 2018
    Summer holidays are a time for relaxation and fun with loved ones. Here's a look back at some great memories of holiday time on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Backward Glance December 22
    Merry Christmas – The story of when St Nicholas got the Freedom of Maroochy Shire
    • Wednesday 19 December 2018
    As we count down to the festive season, memories from the past come back to many of us at this special time of the year.
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    Backward Glance: Driving and motor garage memories - Part 2
    • Wednesday 12 December 2018
    This week we continue with part two of the history of driving and garages in the early days.
  • Cultural Heritage, Museum and Galleries Queensland Awards
    Cultural Heritage project wins Gallery and Museum Achievement Award
    • Tuesday 11 December 2018
    The protection and promotion of our heritage and our stories was in the spotlight when Sunshine Coast Council was a finalist in two categories, including achieving an award victory, at the annual Gallery and Museum Achievement Awards.
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    Backward Glance: Driving and motor garage memories – Part 1
    • Wednesday 05 December 2018
    Over the next two weeks we will shine the spotlight on the history of driving and the role garages have played on our Sunshine Coast.
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    Backward Glance: Looking through the shop window – Part 2
    • Wednesday 28 November 2018
    We continue our story from last week where we are taking a trip down memory lane to peek through shop windows on the Sunshine Coast.