Climbers on eastern side of Mount Beerwah plinth, ca 1932.
Heritage planning

The following council planning documents relate to cultural heritage:

Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015-2020

The Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015-2020 provides council with a framework to guide the identification, protection, conservation and management of the region’s heritage. The Plan will ensure that council effectively manages and conserves the region’s heritage assets.

Corporate and Operational Plans

Refer to the Sunshine Coast Council corporate and operational plans

Art and Heritage Collections Policy

The Art and Heritage Collections Policy outlines the framework and principles that guide the development, management, accessibility and appreciation of council’s art and heritage collections - including Art, Public Art and Cultural Heritage Collections – while ensuring the long-term safety, relevance and sustainability of art and cultural collections in council’s care.

Heritage Policy

The Heritage Policy outlines cultural heritage and administrative principles that provide direction for allocation of the Heritage Levy (HL) revenue towards endorsed projects and programs in an effective, open and accountable way.